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Helping travellers access safe and skilled volunteering programmes 

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Project type: Mobile app design

Timeline: 3 days

Role: UI designer



​Transitioning from school to college marks a significant leap for many young adults. Access to diverse volunteer programs to enhance skills and independence before making career decisions is crucial for personal growth and discovering interests.


As a past volunteer, I have found this a challenge during my life so I was curious to see what the outcome would come of this case study.


  • Independently directed project.

  • UI designer

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Young adults lack  access and awareness to find skilled programmes 


Volunteer programs are constantly in need of help, yet they lack marketing budgets, making it challenging for young adults to discover suitable programs aligned with their desired skills and preferred locations.

Despite the existence of a few websites that publicise skilled programs, they frequently struggle to convert potential recruits due to a lack of trust and inadequately communicated content.

Ugo, shaping the development of the next generation one programme at a time


Ugo is a dynamic app connecting young adults to hundreds of verified programmes. Users can filter projects and destinations, ensuring meaningful experiences tailored to their skills and interests.

The blend of flexibility and appealing content enables programs to market themselves in a way that captures attention and converts users into program volunteers.

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